Clubs & Activities


Shanahan Middle School has a variety of clubs and sports.  We urge you to participate.  The list below provides you with the names of the activities and their advisors, chaperones or coaches.  Some of these clubs and activities take place during the school day.  If you have any questions about these extracurricular activities, please email the contact listed below.




50 Mile Club (6-8)

Martisa McCarthy

Student Council (6-8)

Rebecca Ward, Kyleigh Browning

Math Counts (6-8)

Rebecca Allen, Sarah Wisniewski

Science Expo (6-8)

Robert Beckley

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (6-8)

Frank Wilcox-Chaperone

WEB Leader (8)

School  Counselors

Drama Club (6-8)

Tina Gleason

Battle of the Books (6)

Pam Moffett

Battle of the Books (7)

Kim Nichols

Battle of the Books (8)

Valerie Biggam

Inklings (6-8)

Judith Jones

Tangy Gardeners

Cynthia Walters

Diversity Club (6-8)

Kim Foster

Diversity Stewards (6)

Jen Kinney

Diversity Stewards (7)

Kim Foster

Diversity Stewards (8)

Erica Boerner

New Student Ambassadors (6-8)

Christine Palmer

The Shanahan Times (6-8)

Erin Bush

Maker’s Place (6-8)

Aimee Fletcher

Coding (6)

Amy Brown

The Scout Service Team (7)

Gina Decaminada


Danielle Wood

Model UN

Michael Demana

Bee-lievers (7)

Stephanie Schneemann

Science Club (7)

Faith Robinson

Youth in Government (6-8)

Eric Hanna

Ski Club (6-8)

Deb Yacovone





Jazz Band (6-8)

Melissa Grimes

Show Choir (6-8)

Katie Silcolt

Shanahan Symphony (6-8)

Alyssa Irvine

Chamber Ensemble  

Alyssa Irvine

Community Resources:

Web Site:

Arts Castle

Boy Scouts

Girl Scouts

Olentangy Youth Athletic Association

Gym Extreme

Olentangy Little League




We welcome all students grades 7/8 to participate on one of our sports teams.  Some teams require try-outs while others are no-cut.  If you have any questions about athletics please call the athletic office (740-657-4305).  We also suggest you check the front office for updated forms, practice schedules, and camp information.






Cheerleading (7)

Danielle Wood

Cheerleading (8)

Erica Boerner

Football (7-8)


Girls Volleyball (7-8)


Golf (7-8)


Boy/Girls Cross Country



Matt Latham





Boys Basketball (7-8)

Kevin Wolfe

Girls Basketball (7-8)

 Hannah Mcquistion

Wrestling (7-8)

Hayden Fath

Cheerleading (8)

Erica Boerner

Cheerleading (7)

 Danielle Wood




Baseball (7-8)

Matt Kamalsky

Softball (7-8)

Kirstie Snyder

Track & Field (7-8)


Boys Lacrosse

Kevin Webb

Girls Lacrosse

Jessica Toland


Matt Latham