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SMS Cross Country: Information for Getting Started

Head Girls/Boys Coach

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Fall Sports Parent Meeting (Shanahan West Gym): Thursday, August 6th at 6 PM 

COVID 19 Pre-Cautions *Thank You*:

  1. If you believe that anyone is sick please stay home (Let us know if you are staying home because of sickness so we can take note of that)

  2. If possible, have your child take their temperature before coming to practice each day

  3. Students are not required to wear masks at this time

  4. We will try our best to have our runners keep a 6 feet distance from each other during close contact points (i.e. Stretching)

Pre-Season Conditioning- Pre-Season conditioning practices prior to the beginning of the 20-21 School Year are optional, but are highly recommended. They will take place at Highbanks Metropark. We encourage all athletes to come to pre-season conditioning practice, as it is a time where we will teach the basic routines needed to have a successful season. Conditioning dates are as follows:

Summer Pre-Season Conditioning (Optional, highly recommended), Highbanks Metro Park:

Tuesday August 4  9-10:30 am

Wednesday August 5  9-10:30 am

Thursday August 6  9-10:30 AM

Friday August 7  9-10:30 AM

Monday August 10  9-10:30 am

Tuesday August 11  9-10:30 am

Wednesday August 12  9-10:30 am

Thursday August 13  9-10:30 am

Friday August 14  9-10:30 am

Monday August 17  9-10:30 am

Tuesday August 18  9-10:30 am

Wednesday August 19  9-10:30 am

We will be outside for all conditioning workouts. Please dress accordingly, as the weather is unpredictable. Check your weather app each day/night in order to prepare accordingly. You need to bring a water bottle and appropriate running shoes! 

Regular Season Practice Schedule + Items to Know- Our first official practice is on Friday August 20th. Plan on practicing Monday-Friday each week. Once the bell rings at the end of the school day, please promptly change in the locker rooms by the West Gym and meet us outside in the Baseball outfield no later than 2:55 pm. You can either keep your items in a locker within the locker room or you can bring all of your items with you outside. Regular practice consists of a regimented warm-up routine and various running workouts. For each practice, you need a good pair of running shoes, a water bottle, and layers (if necessary). As always, weather is unpredictable. We will work out rain or shine, so come prepared.

Regular Season Meet Schedule + Items to Know- The meet schedule hasn’t been announced yet but we will be sure to keep you posted when it does. We will most likely announce it at our Pre-Season Parent Meeting towards the end of the Pre-Season Conditioning Practices. Last year, we went to numerous Saturday Cross-Country Invitationals and also participated in Dual Meets throughout the school week. Some of the Invitationals might limit the number of athletes that can participate. More information will be issued about this later on. For home meets, we need parent volunteers in order to carry out the meets. Volunteer tasks are simple and we can teach you on the fly! Please parents, look at our calendar and determine a date you’d like to help out! Bus transportation is provided to all Invitationals and away meets, and is provided home from all Invitationals and away meets that are outside of our school district. (AKA- An away meet at Liberty MS means that students must arrange a ride home, while an away meet at Delaware Dempsey would give bus transportation back to Shanahan).

Communication and Updates- This year we intend to use Schoology quite often. Athletes should join the Shanahan Cross Country 20-21 Schoology Course and look for updates on a regular basis. This is also a place for parents to find communication. We post all running time results on Schoology following meets. Parents will receive communication via our Remind App Group. Once meets begin, it is important for students to pay close attention to the end of the day announcements. If weather ever impacts practice or a meet, we will communicate on the announcements, Schoology and Remind App/Parent E-mail List.


Athletes- In order to join our Schoology Course, log into Schoology and click Courses - My Courses - Join a Course- Enter Code RHMK-7SC4-GQH9G